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Aluminum pcb2018-07-13 09:41:10
General Aluminum PCB have 3 parts

-Circuit Layer (Copper Layer)

This is printed circuit copper foil layer,
From 1.0 oz up to 8 oz (35um-280um).
Min.Trace/space 5/5mil(0.127/0.127mm)

-Dielectric Layer(Insulated Layer)

There are very good price and delivery time if the raw material
made in China and Taiwan, we also,have many customer who choose
Bergquist Thermal-Clad and Larid Tlam material,strict meet customer’s
Requirement to manufacture the ALPCB.

-Substrate Layer(Metal layer)

There are 4 types Aluminum, 1001, 3001, 5052, 6063.
If no requirement of this from,we used 5052 for
High thermal conductivity (2.0 W/m.k or more) ,
AL1001,AL3001 for 1.0 w/m.k to 1.5 W/m.k